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Not all music schools are the same!  Mosaic Music is one of Orange County’s hidden gems.  From the very beginning, Juilliard-trained director Rhys Buchele has made it his mission to give our community something truly unique. It all starts with a handpicked and privately trained staff.  Each of our teachers is carefully selected for their credentials, personality, and level of personal commitment to their students.  Mosaic’s teachers love what they do, and they are the very best available. We proudly offer large, comfortable studios equipped with cutting-edge music technology.  By offering students instant take-home videos and CD quality recordings of lesson content, learning and practicing are made easier and more enjoyable.  Every detail of our studio environment has been carefully selected and is constantly being perfected as new technology becomes available. At Mosaic Music, we go out of our way to nurture and inspire our student’s individuality.  Before the first lesson, we ask our students to think of some of their favorite songs.  Whether it be movie music, a classical masterpiece, rock-and-roll or even the theme to a video game, our teachers have the ability to compose any song from scratch just by listening to it.  They are also able to adjust the level of difficulty to suit each student’s current learning level.  We know that having fun and being creative make the musical learning process easier and more rewarding and we go to great lengths to make sure it happens. Here at Mosaic Music, we love what we do and we know you will too.  Come in and see for yourself the difference between music lessons and Mosaic lessons!
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